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Merge with Butterfly

Posted: July 15, 2016 
Filed under: Boutique
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The Obsidian Butterly, Quetzalpapalotl, is the ruling santa tierra (land spirit) of the Butterfly Temple in Mexico and at places such as La Pila del Rey, the Altavista, Mexico petroglyph complex; places known as Tamoanchan or Places of the Misty Sky, where the ceiba tree grows. It was revealed to me in a journey where she merged with me and placed an egg on my belly that she is the keeper of mesa, my medicine bundle, and so I pay homage to this fierce goddess of life and death through my art. Qilted batik, fabric applique', embroidery, acrylic paint, obsidian stone, 24"x24" To purchase, copy link and search Karen Schuman at

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