Tears of the Crocodile Queen

Posted: May 21, 2017 
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While the concept of this piece was to reflect on my Mayan Cross “nawales,” the Zodiac of the Mayan culture, it evolved into being a cautionary tale of self-determination of women. Leaving the gentleness of Deer behind, Eagle navigating, the woman paddles into the darkness of Night, the Crocodiles her dangerous companions as they once again must leave safety behind, be fierce, ruthless, swimming in the Water of their own tears as they move into the uncertainty of the future. If you only knew that I “am” the Crocodile. I embraced it in a childhood game I played with my sisters. I am an outsider; I hang back and observe. I spontaneously go “SNAP.” Everyone is shocked! Why do crocodiles tear up, I wonder? It comes to mind that Ruthlessness is painful in both its light and dark forms, whether it is utilized by the Teacher or the Hunter; recognized or not. Quilted batik, beads, glass, crocodile leather, embroidery, 45"x45"

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